Three Angular+Node Productivity Web Apps Open-Sourced

| Published by Callan Milne on February 22, 2020 7:15 am
Screenshot of the web applications which have been open-sourced

In May 2019, Eviratec launched three web apps for personal productivity. A money logbook app, a micro-journal app, and a todo list app.

Today I have exciting news that we have decided to open-source all three of these web apps. Due to what we feel is a fairly exemplary code base.

We used the same pattern we developed for DataStudio v1 when creating all three of these apps. All the ideas for the application it’s self, come from a previous application I began developing in 2018, called EviratecWeb.

The pattern for DataStudio is one I came up with myself after years of working in various Software Engineering roles in Melbourne, Australia.

The Architecture

The apps are each split in to two components: a front-end web UI in Angular.js; and a RESTful Web API backed by an MySQL database.

The backend is a Node.js+Express app, and the front-end is an Angular.js app, compiled with Node.js, served over CDN.

There is at least one good reason for every architectural decision, and, if this post is popular enough, over the next few months I plan to talk about all of them: The decisions; the mechanisms; and the software architecture it’s self.

Lemme at it!

If you’re ready to take a look, I have pinned all six repositories to the top of my GitHub profile:

The projects for MoneyLog are: mymoney-web-ui, and mymoney-web-api; the projects for MyJournal are: myjournal-web-ui, and myjournal-web-api; and the projects for TaskEvo are taskevo-web-ui, and taskevo-web-api.