My name is Callan Milne. I’m a 30-year-old web developer from Melbourne, Australia. I have been developing websites and web applications full-time since 2007. I started developing single-page applications (SPAs), and web APIs in 2011.

I love computers and programming, and started doing programming as a hobby before I got my first job as a PHP Developer in March 2007.

I first started working with software engineering tools in 1998 as a hobbyist. My first programming experience was with Microsoft Visual Basic, and C++. I started working with web technology, and published my first CMS powered website in 2003.

Since then, I have created numerous web applications, user interfaces, web APIs, and software packages. I love to contribute to open source software. My first public contribution was published on SourceForge in 2006. I now keep my public contributions on GitHub, and I have packages published on NPM, and Bower.

I have lead software development teams before, most notably at Loke in 2014, when I lead a team to rebuild their flagship loyalty platform. 

I am a skilled test automation engineer, with strong experience in developing API tests using Node.js and Jasmine.  I also have extensive experience testing web applications and web APIs using other tools including Postman.